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White Tradeshow Lounge area, Milan, from January 17 to 19, 2015


White Tradeshow Lounge area, Milan, from January 17 to 19, 2015

London in the ‘80s versus London today.
The city told through the eyes of two Londoners: the photographer Derek Ridgers and the director Cieron Magat.
Two generations compared, with an ever changing skyline in the background.
Two brushes to paint an amazing canvas made of sounds, eccentricity, colours, energy and people…with a touch of magic.



Roundel London is a contemporary youth brand inspired by London and designed for the world. The London Underground, with its iconic roundel logo, has for a long time symbolised London life and culture across the globe. The Roundel London collection truly encapsulates and celebrates the diverse mix of music, style and art that make London such a unique city within the global community. Embodying the inclusiveness and democratic nature of the tube, by embracing the motto "Thanks to the Underground, we are all Londoners now". These principles are at the core of the brand and each season product will carry the values and story of London to cities across the world. The ever-changing face of London influences the collection, referencing iconic imagery and artwork that draws on the very fabric of London. Streetwear fashion is fused with utilitarian silhouettes and Underground iconography, to produce a selection of t-shirts, soft tailoring, outerwear and accessories.

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